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New Icebreaker

Anagrams is a 'Grouping' icebreaker which can be used to allocate partners or seating arrangements.


9 July 2021

Has AI reached human-level performance?

In recent years, there have been quite a few claims that state-of-the-art AI has reached human levels of performance in object recognition.

Even before my recent experiences with a so-called 'smart car', I believed that 'Singularity' (when artificial intelligence equals human intelligence) would be a long time coming: Google has twice advised me to park on a dual carriage way and walk to my destination. I call this Artificial Stupidity (AS) and my daughter calls it Artificial Idiocy (AI).

In a recent talk, Prof Andy Wills of Plymouth University discussed some of the evidence against that view, including some preliminary unpublished work from his lab. A video of this talk has been put on YouTube. Interestingly, my retweet on AI was retweeted by an AI tweeter bot. I am wondering how long this retweeting would go on for if I were to retweet the bot's retweet - ∞ ?

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8 July 2021

Paired Comparisons

Paired Comparisons is a prioritisation tool which ranks a number of items by comparing each item with every other item. The article includes a link to a program which makes this task easier.


5 July 2021

PayPal Fee Calculator

Our PayPal Fee Calculator is now available for all levels of Learning Pages membership to preview. Level 1 is free.

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17 June 2021

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