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Stress Management
Stress can be both positive and negative. In its negative form, it can lead to severe long-term consequences. 7 pages, published by MWLS.com
Discussion Leading
An important tool for trainers, and especially facilitators, is discussion leading. 24 pages, published by MWLS.com
Benchmarking Training
Benchmarking is a process by which you compare yourself to the best of your competitors, or those companies recognised as leaders in the field, with the aim of exceeding or surpassing their performance in all aspects whether it be products, processes or services. 11 pages, published by MWLS.com
Policy Deployment
Policy deployment is a process for ensuring that a company's policies for quality, cost and delivery (QCD) are understood and implemented from the highest to the lowest levels in the company. 5 pages, published by
Assuring Training Quality
Training should be considered to be no different to any other business process - and as such it should be subject to the same rigorous quality controls as any other critical process. 12 pages, published by MWLS.com
Seven Secrets of Successful Training
Keep these principles in mind when you are preparing and delivering training and you will and you will be well on the way to training success. 5 pages, published by MWLS.com
Learning Organisations
A long time ago, Margaret Thatcher once said, 'There is no such thing as society, only individuals.' The same could be said about the learning organisation: 'There is no such thing as a learning organisation, only individuals learning within the organisation.' Of course, if this were true, there would be little point in writing or reading this article... 12 pages, published by MWLS.com
Delphi Consultation Process
In antiquity, Delphi, a village in central Greece, was the principal sanctuary and oracle of the god Apollo. The oracle's advice about religion, morality, commerce, and colonial projects, spoken by a priestess in a trance, was widely sought by individuals and the Greek states. 6 pages, published by MWLS.com