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A Theory of Personality: Psychology of Personal Constructs [New Paperback] by George A. Kelly
Abnormal Psychology 7e TB [Paperback] by G C Davison and John M Neale
Activation and Behavior [Hardback] by Elizabeth Duffy
Alcoholism [Paperback] by Neil Kessel and Henry Walton
Algebraic Models in Psychology [Paperback] by Dawes et al
An Introduction to Psychological Science: Basic Processes in the Analysis of Behaviour [Paperback] by David Legge
An Introduction to Psychology [Hardback] by Ralph Norman Haber and AharonH. Fried
Animal Behaviour and Drug Action [Hardback] by Hannah Steinberg (editor)
Animals and Men: Studies in Comparative Psychology [Paperback] by David Katz
Applied Economic Psychology in the 1990s: Volume 1 Pages 1-532 [Paperback] by Stephen E.G. Lea, Paul Webley, Brian M. Young (editors)
Assumptions of Social Psychology [Paperback] by Robert E. Lana
Attention and Memory [Paperback] by Geoffrey Underwood
Attributes of Memory (University Paperbacks) [Paperback] by Peter Herriot
Basic Cognitive Processes in Children [Paperback] by John C. Wright and Jerome Kagan (editors)
Basic Psychology [Hardback] by Howard H Kendler
Basic Readings in Neuropsychology [Hardback] by Robert L. Isaacson
Biological and Biochemical Bases of Behavior [Hardback] by Harry F. Harlow and Clinton N. Woolsey
Biological Foundations of Behaviour (Open Guides to Psychology) [Paperback] by Frederick Toates
Biology of Adolescent Behavior and Development (Vol. 1) [Paperback] by Gerald R. Adams, Raymond Montemajor, Thomas P. Gullotta (eds)
Body Language: What You Need to Know [New Paperback] by David Cohen
Brain and Behaviour 1: Mood, States and Mind [Paperback] by K. H. Pribram (editor)
Cameral Analysis: Method of Treating the Psychoneuroses Using Hypnosis [New Paperback] by David L. Pedersen
Changing Man's Behaviour [Paperback] by H.R. Beech
Children's Talk [Paperback] by Catherine Garvey
Cognition [Paperback] by Arnold Lewis Glass, Keith James Holyoak and John Lester Santa
Cognition [Hardback] by Mark H. Ashcraft
Cognition and the Development of Language [Hardback] by John R. Hayes (editor)
Cognition in Action [Paperback] by Smyth et al
Cognition: International Journal of Cognitive Psychology Vol 2 [Hardback] by Jacques Mehler
Cognition: International Journal of Cognitive Psychology Vols 1-1/2/3/4 [Hardback] by Jacques Mehler
Cognitive Psychology [New Hardback] by Robert L. Solso
Communication Studies: An Introductory Reader [Paperback] by John Corner and Jeremy Hawthorn (editors)
Communication, Language and Meaning: Psychological Perspectives [Hardback] by George A. Miller (editor)
Conditioning and Instrumental Learning [Paperback] by Edward L. Walker
Contemporary Issues in Developmental Psychology [Hardback] by Norman S. Endler
Contemporary Theory and Research in Visual Perception [Paperback] by Ralph N. Haber
Creativity (Modern Psychology) [Paperback] by Philip E. Vernon (editor)
Cross-Cultural Studies [Paperback] by D.R. Price-Williams (editor)
Cultural Context of Learning and Thinking: An Exploration in Experimental Anthropology [Hardback] by Michael Cole et al
Current Readings in Child Development [Paperback] by Judy S. Deloache et al
Decision Making [Paperback] by Ward Edwards and Amos Tversky (editors)
Disorders of Memory and Learning [Paperback] by George A. Talland
Dynamics of Behavior [Hardback] by R.S. Woodworth
Educational Psychology: A Developmental Approach [Paperback] by Norman A. Sprinthall and Richard A. Sprinthall
Evolution and Human Behaviour: Darwinian Perspectives on Human Nature [New Paperback] by John Cartwright
Experimental Design: Procedures for the Behavioral Sciences [Hardback] by Roger E. Kirk
Experimental Psychical Research [Paperback] by Robert H. Thouless
Experimental Psychology: Methodology, Psychophysics and Learning [Paperback] by M.R. D'Amato
Experimental Sensory Psychology [Hardback] by Bertram Scharf (editor)
Experiments in General Psychology [Paperback] by James H.L. Roach
Eye and Brain: the psychology of seeing [Paperback] by R.L. Gregory
Foundations of Conditioning and Learning [Hardback] by Gregory A. Kimble
Foundations of Learning and Memory [Hardback] by Roger M Tarpy
Foundations of Physiological Psychology [Hardback] by Richard F. Thompson
Fundamentals of Cognition [Hardback] by Mark H. Ashcraft
Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships [New Paperback] by Eric Berne
Hallucinations [New Paperback] by Oliver Sacks
Handbook of Counselling Psychology [Hardback] by Steven D. Brown and Robert W. Lent (editors)
Human Information Processing: Introduction to Psychology [Hardback] by Peter H. Lindsay and Donald A. Norman
Human Memory (Essential Psychology) [Paperback] by Vernon Gregg
Human Memory: Structures and Processes [Paperback] by Roberta L. Klatzky
Hypnosis: Fact and Fiction [Paperback] by Frederic Lawrence Marcuse
Images of Man in Psychological Research (Essential Psychology F7) [Paperback] by John Shotter
Instructor's Resource Manual: to accompany The Development of Children [Paperback] by Jennifer Coots
Intelligence and Ability [Paperback] by Stephen Wiseman (editor)
Intelligence and Cultural Environment (University Paperbacks) [Paperback] by Philip E. Vernon
Intelligence and Personality: Their Assessment and Relationship (Pelican) [Paperback] by Alice Winifred Heim
Introduction to Psychology: Problems, Procedures and Principles [Hardback] by Melvin H. Marx
Issues in Cognitive Modeling [Paperback] by Aitkenhead and Slack
Key Studies in Psychology [Paperback] by Richard Gross
Language [Paperback] by R.C. Oldfield and J.C. Marshall (editors
Language and Psychology: Historical Aspects of Psycholinguistics (Perspectives in Psychology) [Hardback] by Arthur L. Blumenthal
Learning [Paperback] by Sarnoff A. Mednick
Learning and Cognition [Hardback] by Richard Jackson Harris and Thms Hardy-Leahey
Learning from Television: Psychological and Educational Research [Hardback] by Michael J.A. Howe (editor)
Learning, Memory and Conceptual Processes (Wiley series in psychology) [Hardback] by Walter Kintsch
Learning: Interactions [Hardback] by Melvin H Marx
Learning: Processes [Hardback] by Melvin H. Marx
Meaning and Mind: A Study in the Psychology of Language [Paperback] by Robert F. Terwilliger
Memory [Paperback] by Ian M.L. Hunter
Memory (Muirhead Library of Philosophy) [Hardback] by Brian Smith
Memory and Attention: Introduction to Human Information Processing [Paperback] by Donald A. Norman
Methods for Learning Disorders [Hardback] by Patricia Myers
Migraine [New Paperback] by Oliver Sacks
Mind, Code and Context: Essays on Pragmatics [Hardback] by T. Givon
Minds and Machines [Paperback] by W. Sluckin
Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain [New Paperback] by Oliver Sacks
Nebraska Symposium on Motivation 1971 [Paperback] by James Cole
New Directions in Human Associative Learning [New Hardback] by A. J. Wills (Editor)
New Horizons in Psychiatry (Pelican books) [Paperback] by Peter Hays
New Horizons in Psychology 2 [Paperback] by Peter C Dodwell
Pathology of Attention (Penguin science of behaviour, clinical psychology) [Paperback] by Andrew McGhie
Pattern Recognition [Paperback] by D.W.J. Corcoran
Perception (Foundations of Modern Psychology) [Paperback] by J. Hochberg
Perceptual Learning and Adaptation [Paperback] by P.C. Dodwell (editor)
Personality Psychology: Domains of Knowledge about Human Nature [New Paperback] by Randy Larsen et al
Physiology of Behavior [Paperback] by Neil R Carlson
Principles of Behavioral Analysis [Hardback] by J.R. Millenson
Psychiatry: Peer Selected Citations '94 [Paperback] by T A Fahy, N A Joughin, A Kent, J Treasure
Psycholinguistics [Paperback] by James Deese
Psycholinguistics 2: Structures and Processes [Hardback] by John Morton
Psycholinguistics: A Book of Readings [Hardback] by Sol Saporta
Psychological Development in Children [Hardback] by Robert D. Singer and Anne Singer
Psychological perspectives on the person (Insight books) [Paperback] by Norman Tallent
Psychological Testing for Managers [Paperback] by Stephanie Jones
Psychology [Hardback] by A. Crider
Psychology and Race (Penguin education) [Paperback] by Peter Watson
Psychology and Race (Penguin education) [Paperback] by Peter Watson
Psychology and Work (Essential Psychology) [Paperback] by D.R. Davies and V.J. Shackleton
Quantification in Psychology [Paperback] by William L Hays
Race, Culture and Intelligence (Penguin Education) [Paperback] by Ken Richardson
Radical Perspectives in Psychology (Essential Psychology) [Paperback] by Nick Heather
Readings in Adult Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives [Paperback] by LawrenceR. Allman and DennisT. Jaffe (editors)
Readings in Psychological Development Through Life [Paperback] by Don C. Charles and William R. Loft (editors)
Recovery from Schizophrenia [Paperback] by Richard Warner
Research in Psychology: Methods and Design [New Hardback] by C James Godwin
Sensory Psychology (Foundations of Modern Psychology) [Paperback] by Conrad G. Mueller
Skills (Mod. Psychol. S) [Paperback] by David Legge
Sleep [Paperback] by Ian Oswald
Social and Personality Development: Infancy Through Adolescence [Paperback] by William Damon
Social Psychology [Hardback] by Robert H. Thouless
Social Psychology in the Eighties [Hardback] by Lawrence S. Wrightsman and Kay Deaux
Social Psychology: Understanding Human Interaction [Hardback] by Robert A. Baron
Statistical Methods for Behavioral Science Research [Hardback] by Leonard A. Marascuilo
Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology: Sensation and Perception Vol 1 [Hardback] by Hal Pashler and Steven Yentis (editors)
Structure and Direction in Thinking [Hardback] by D.E. Berlyne
Study Guide to 'Psychology: Brain, Behavior and Culture' [Paperback] by Drew Westen
Subcortical Mechanisms of Behavior: The psychological functions of primitive parts of the brain [Hardback] by Robert Altwig McCleary
The Acquisition and Development of Language [Hardback] by Paula Menyuk
The Acquisition of Language: Study of Developmental Psycholinguistics [Paperback] by David McNeill
The Acquisition of Language: The Study of Developmental Psycholinguistics [Hardback] by David McNeill
The Computer Simulation of Behaviour [Paperback] by Michael J. Apter
The Development of Memory in Children [Paperback] by Robert Kail
The Doors of Perception and 'Heaven and Hell' [New Paperback] by Aldous Huxley
The Evaluation of Sexual Disorders: Psychological and Medical Aspects [Hardback] by Helen Singer Kaplan
The Foundation of Literacy: The Child's Acquisition of the Alphabetic Principle [Hardback] by Brian Byrne
The Individual in the Changing Working Life [New Hardback] by Katharina Naswall, Johnny Hellgren and Magnus Sverke (editor
The Interpretation of Dreams [Paperback] by Sigmund Freud
The Machinery of the Brain [Paperback] by Dean E. Wooldridge
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat [New Paperback] by Oliver Sacks
The Mind's Eye [Hardback] by Oliver Sacks
The Mindful Way Through Depression [New Hardback] by Mark Williams et al
The Pathology and Psychology of Cognition [Paperback] by Andrew Burton (Editor)
The Pathology of Memory [Hardback] by George A. Talland and Nancy C. Waugh
The Perceptual World of the Child [Paperback] by Tom Bower
The Psychology of Infancy and Childhood: Evolutionary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives [Paperback] by Harold D. Fishbein
The Psychology of Learning [Paperback] by Robert Borger
The Psychology of Learning [Paperback] by B.R. Bugelski
The Psychology of Memory [Paperback] by Alan D. Baddeley
The Psychology of Perception [Paperback] by M D Vernon
The Psychology of Thinking [Hardback] by Lyle Bourne Jr, Bruce Ekstrand, Roger Dolminowski
The Psychology of Thinking (Manual of Modern Psychology) [Hardback] by Neil Bolton
The Stepfamily Puzzle [Hardback] by Craig A. Everett (editor)
The Structure of Human Abilities [Hardback] by Philip E. Vernon
The Structure of Human Memory [Paperback] by Charles N. Cofer (editor)
The Use of Lateral Thinking [Hardback] by Edward De Bono
Theories of Attitude Change [Hardback] by Chester Insko
Thinking and Reasoning [Paperback] by P. C. Wason and P. N. Johnson-Laird (editors)
Thinking Without Language: Psychological Implications of Deafness [Hardback] by Hans G. Furth
Understanding Emotions [New Paperback] by Rocco Van Schalkwyk
Understanding Intelligence [New Paperback] by Rocco Van Schalkwyk
Us and Them: The Psychology of Ethno-Nationalism [Paperback] by Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry
Using Child Psychiatry [Paperback] by Derek Steinberg
Verbal Learning [Hardback] by John Jung
Verbal Learning and Memory [Paperback] by Leo Postman and Geoffrey Keppel (editors)
Verbal Learning and Retention [Hardback] by John F Hall
Vigilance and Attention [Paperback] by Jane F Mackworth
Visual Information Processing [Paperback] by Kathryn T. Spoehr and Stephen W. Lehmkuhle
Well-Being in Organizations: A Reader for Students and Practitioners [Paperback] by Cary L. Cooper
Worker Participation [Paperback] by Toby D. Wall
Workshops in Cognitive Processes [Paperback] by A. Bennett et al