Although I don't have advertising on my site, I share offers which not only benefit my visitors but also help support the running of The Learning Project.

To take advantage of an offer, click on 'Apply' and fill in your name and email address on the contact form. I won't use these details for any purpose other than to pass them onto the company concerned so that they can contact you about the offer.


Green energy company ecotricity provides 100% green electricity and carbon neutral gas. They have built 74 wind turbines and have 5000 solar panels in operation - with more to come. If you have an electric vehicle, you can get a lower electrity unit cost (the daily charge is higher but I have found that even with my current usage, I would be saving money). They have charging points at many motorway service stations with a discount for ecotricity customers.

If you switch to ecotricity, you can choose a £25 voucher for either:

Apply for the voucher
Apply for The Vegan Superstore voucher


eukhost is a website hosting provider that I use them for hosting my websites.

If you apply for this offer, you will be given a 10% discount on your first purchase. After you apply, I will need to contact you to get some more information about the kind of hosting you require.


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