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This is a good game to use as an energiser and it is also useful to demonstrate the basic concept of Complexity Theory that complex patterns can arise out of simple rules.

It's best to have a good-sized, open area. Begin with the participants standing in a circle. Tell them that they are 'Secret Agents' and someone in the group — a 'Spy Catcher' — is out to get them. Everyone also has a 'Cover' who will shield them from the 'Spy Catcher'.

Then, quietly, without pointing, and without telling anyone, each person identifies to themselves who their 'Spy Catcher' and 'Cover' are for this game.

After everyone has made their selections let them know that they are now free to move around, but they must keep their 'Cover' between themselves and the 'Spy Catcher' at all times. This can get pretty funny and interesting as people move about. It often turns into utter chaos because of the odd combinations of 'Covers' and 'Spy Catchers'.


Run the exercise again, but this time the 'Secret Agents' should protect their ?Cover' by getting between their 'Cover' and the 'Spy Catcher'.


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