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Teaching the following number system is a very good exercise for practising coaching skills. Give the coach a sheet with the following instructions.

Your boss has just given you a card (printed below) which explains the Pagnoli Number System. You must teach this system to employees before your company can use it as a code for certain billing data that should not be read by customers or other outside organisations. Your abilities - as an organiser, teacher and coach - will be measured on the basis of how well your trainee remembers and is able to convert any Arabic number from 1-50 to its Pagnoli equivalent. The trainee will not be able to refer to notes during the test. For example, if you ask the trainee to write the number 26, the trainee must be able to write:

or for 34 write:

Now take 5 minutes to analyse the system and to decide how you are going to teach it.

When you have finished teaching the system, you should check the success of your coaching by asking your student to convert the following Arabic numbers into Pagnoli numbers:

39, 23, 47, 18, 36, 24, 45, 30, 7, 11

With thanks to Laurie Turner for devising this system.

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