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This is an exercise which increases self-awareness by encouraging sharing, self-disclosure and feedback. If participants have not come across the Johari Window before, it might be a good idea to start with a short presentation and to give them a copy of a Johari Window handout. Start by drawing the following diagram of Johari's Window on a flip chart:

Pane 1
Things I Know About Me
Things Others Know

Pane 2
Things Others Know
Things I Don't Know

Pane 3
Things I Know
Things Others Don't Know

Pane 4
Things I Don't Know
Things Others Don't Know

Now ask the participants to draw their own Johari Windows on a sheet of paper and to fill the panes with:
  • information about themselves they want to share, or
  • aspects of themselves that they would like feedback on, or
  • areas that they would like to explore.
For example, in Pane 1, they could list things that are generally known about themselves — hobbies etc. This could form the basis for an open sharing or introductory session.

In Pane 2, they could identify the feedback they would like to receive about their behaviour, mannerisms etc. This could form the basis for small-group sessions.

Pane 3 could include aspects of themselves that they have not told anyone before, but they might be willing to share during a one-to-one or small-group session.

Pane 4 could include areas that they would like to explore in a counselling session or with the help of the group — their future, how they would react in a particular situation...

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