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The children's game of hangman can be used as a diversion during a course and for reinforcing terminology that has just been learnt. At its simplest, the trainer selects a word from a list of words that are related to the subject and, on a overhead transparency, draws a number of dashes equal to the number of letters in the word. The participants guess a letter that might be part of the word. If the letter is part of the word, it is written above the dash or dashes where it occurs. If the guess is incorrect, an element of the hangman diagram is drawn on the transparency. The exercise continues until either the word is guessed or the hangman diagram is completed.

A computerised version of the this exercise, using learning and development terminology is given below. You can also modify the program to use your own set of words.

Play Hangman
How to modify the program


You could project the computerised version directly onto a screen instead of using an overhead transparency.

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