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This is a good exercise for developing observation and lateral thinking.

You will need to make a 'collapsible' cross from two equal lengths of wood by placing the slats on top of each other, drilling a hole — half way along — and securing them with a nut and bolt so that they can swivel to make a cross. You could also use a pair of safety scissors.

The 'cross' is passed round a circle of participants. The person passing the cross says, 'I pass this crossed' or 'I pass this uncrossed.' Each time it is passed, the other group members give a 'thumbs up' or a 'thumbs down' depending on whether they agree with the statement. The facilitator then agrees or disagrees with the statement without making any additional comment. The exercise continues until nearly all the group are correctly saying 'crossed' or 'uncrossed'.

The secret of this exercise is that 'crossed' or 'uncrossed' refers to the passer's legs.

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