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This is a creativity exercise where participants generate as many example as they can of a particular category.

Give each participant a sheet of paper with a different category printed on the top of the page. The categories can be specific such as 'TV Detectives' or more ambiguous like 'Stars'.

Ask them to write, in a column on the left of the page, as many examples of the category that they can think of in a minute.

After a minute, ask them to stop and pass the sheet to their neighbour who will have another minute to add more examples in another column. Repeat this process for as long as it seems useful.

Debrief by asking questions like:
  • Did your your mind go blank at any time?
  • How did you get going again?
  • Were there more examples in the first column than in the other columns?
  • Did you increase the number of examples by making use of the fact that some of the categories were ambiguous?

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