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Although denied by the BBC, it is believed that Wild Isles was originally planned to be a six-part documentary. Only five episodes were broadcast - with the sixth episode being available to stream on iPlayer. Other David Attenborough series have had six parts.

The BBC describes this episode as:

...a special documentary commissioned by the RSPB, WWF and the National Trust and inspired by Wild Isles, we hear the real stories of passionate people who are trying to restore biodiversity to the British Isles.

If you are in the UK, you can go to the BBC iPlayer to search for Wild Isles. This will take you to a page showing only the first five episodes. You can find episode six (Saving Our Wild Isles) by clicking the 'Extras' tab.

Searching for Saving Our Wild Isles, returns no results, but you can go directly to the programme by clicking 'Saving Our Wild Isles'.

Watching Wild Isles outside the UK

The BBC iPlayer can only be watched in the UK, but it has recently been announced that Prime Video has bought the rights to Wild Isles.

The Prime Video premiere, which can be accessed in more than 240 countries (excluding the UK), was released on 21 April 2023 in time for Earth Day on 22 April. Unfortunately, Prime Video is not screening episode six but it can be viewed on YouTube.

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